The Sweet Things in Life

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My rewards!

While scrolling through the pictures on my phone, I come across these. It made me smile, laugh and tear up a little. MY silly, so happy, so full of life, so fun, and growing SO fast.
As a mother, I need pictures like these. Lydia is entering the "pre teen attitude stage" and Layton just has SO much energy that some days I don't feel like a great mom. (like when Layton shaved her legs the other night in the bathtub because I left the razor out!) There are a lot of times these days that Lydia looks at me with these faces that don't look very pretty on her!!!! And somedays I feel like the worlds best mom, like Sunday, when Layton told me "you are the most awesome-est mom, ever". 
But when I come across pictures like these, they remind me that everything will be ok. They remind me that every mom has good AND bad days. And they show me that my girls are just fine. They're happy and still have a sense of humor! And that Lydia still likes us!!!!!

This is MY FAVORITE! I'm definitely framing this one! :) 

Monday, September 22, 2014


Two weeks ago we went down to Georgia to help celebrate the marriage of Erin and her (now) husband Paul! Being the great mom that I am (haha!), I figured we might as well visit the American Girl Doll store while down there. So, Thursday afternoon we headed out after school. Melissa and Jade went with us so that Melissa could spend time with her best friend. We stopped several times on the way and it rained cats and dogs on us for a while but we finally made it about 1130. We stayed in downtown Atlanta that night. On the way there, we called around and got a great deal on a downtown hotel room. Once we got to the hotel, we realized it was NOT family friendly, but being 1130 at night, we still stayed! It had a club downstairs that was in full swing when we got there! The girls thought this part was awesome. The card to the room had a picture of a stripper! The room was really nice though! The girls were able to experience a fancy hotel at its finest, right?! So we walk into the room and see that the frig and cabinets were fully stocked.  Snacks, candy, drinks everywhere. We threatened them not to touch anything!! The tiny package of gummy bears were $15! Lydia, being at the age of realizing what money means, thought that was crazy!

And this was available!
Yes, we had to explain (to Lydia), not too much detail, but we did explain a little! She was grossed out!
The bathroom and bedroom was separated by a frosted glass wall. So anyone who was showering was also providing a “show” to the peeps in the bedroom!  (Very interesting!!!)

We had to take a pic for the sake of us remembering!

The next morning we woke up to amazing views of downtown Atlanta. Dave thought he would be sweet and go downstairs and bring me back breakfast in bed. It was a sweet gesture and the breakfast was amazing but it ended up costing $77! (long story) So, what we saved on the hotel room for me being a government employee, the hotel got back with the breakfast and the valet parking! L But I took this cool pic of Dave and the girls playing! J
Next stop, American Girl Store for lunch! Even though Layton’s birthday was several weeks ago, I decided that we would have a birthday celebration for her while eating lunch there. I knew this would be an experience she would never forget! The girls were in love with the store. We shopped for a while, then ate lunch.
He's the best, bringing in all these baby dolls from the car and holding them while his babies shop!

The food was delicious. I was pleasantly surprised! The staff was extremely nice and our experience was all I was hoping it would. The girls just kept thanking us and telling us how cool it was to be there. I am so glad we were able to take them. They are at the perfect age!

My sweet girls!

Family selfie!

I love this picture!

Seeing this man in a crown and that big smile on his face, makes me love him even more!

The girls wanted to take a selfie...

So, we did too!

Next stop, Athens for wedding festivities! Friday night we went to Paul and Erin’s house where we met Paul’s family. They were so, so nice. They’re from Louisiana. Dave and I enjoyed listening to their stories about living there. Paul’s 2 (grown) brothers played with the girls. They were a hoot! I don’t think the girls knew what to think of them at first! I wanted to take a picture of the girls but one pf Paul's brother bombed us!
 Saturday during the day, we enjoyed walking around downtown Athens in and out all the little shops.
At 5 that afternoon, it was wedding time. Since we had been going non-stop, my baby was exhausted!
The wedding was so personal, one of the best weddings I have ever attended. It was very small, about 30 people and because of rain, they ended up in their living room, but it turned out so pretty. I think everyone there, laughed and cried.

Congratulations to Paul and Erin. We wish you lots of laughs, love and happiness.

 Poor Layton, she slept most of the reception.  
Although the weekend was busy, we had a great time.




Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Growing Up…

I am usually pretty good about this growing up thing… but last week I had to take Lydia shopping…


There were just SO many! Poor thing...she just kept staring at them all! I suggested that she get something for sports and something for everyday. She agreed but wanted some NO we don't need padding at 9 years old... 

Earlier that day, she had her first visit to the optometrist. She had told me a few weeks ago that she couldn’t see the board in her class very clearly. I decided we’d better get her eyes checked. This was the first doctors visit where they told me, “Mom, you can stay in the waiting room. She will be out shortly!”Ummmm, okay…. So, I sat there for about 20 minutes by myself thinking about how time passes quickly! How just a few years ago, she was holding a bottle, smiling a toothless grin at me!

After she was finished with her exam, the doctor came out said that she needs a little help in the classroom and reading areas. She won’t have to wear them all the time, just in school mainly. She’s excited to get them! We then had to make a decision on frames. She tried on at least 100 pairs! She finally decided on this pair!

She looks so grown up! Where the heck did my baby go?! L  





Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Watching Pele, I meant Lay Lay, playing soccer!!!

Layton has started soccer again and she’s better than ever! She loves this sport! I’m not sure you could wear her out, she never runs out of energy!! Her little face gets beet red but she keeps on running!

We can tell that she understands a little more about the game this season. Last season she just kicked the ball but this season she is learning how to kick and watch the ball, to be able to head towards the goal! So far this season, she has scored the most points for her team but she has a lot of younger kids on her team and they are all just starting to realize the meaning of it all!!! I love watching her practice and play.


Go Lay Lay!! :)

Look at that smile, priceless!

As you can see soccer practiced turned into a wrestling match last week! She took out 2 little boys very quickly! They were tickling and giggling more than wrestling. Thankfully practice was over!

I don't think her coach knew what to do with her!!